Scalable Recruitment Solutions

SUEZ is a world leader in smart and sustainable resource management. By providing advanced water and waste management solutions, SUEZ enables cities and industries to optimize their resource management and strengthen their environmental and economic performances, in line with regulatory standards.


Due to high organic growth across the US, SUEZ needed to quickly fill a number of complex roles with qualified personnel who were capable of supporting the expansion of its field services operations unit. 

Following a rigid contract-to-hire recruitment model, the ideal candidate needed to have previous experience with a range of advanced technologies, including reverse osmosis, ion exchange and ultra filtration.

 Alongside this, successful candidates needed to understand the prospect of working on a diverse range of sites including, power plants, nuclear stations, oil and gas units, technology facilities, and in some instances, servicing FMCG factories.


Upon consultation with the client, Spencer Ogden created a detailed hiring strategy that took into consideration numerous deliverables to meet the client’s urgent project deadlines. 

The following package was tailored for SUEZ to meet its hiring needs: 

  • Deliver three qualified profiles to the client within 48 hours 

  • Enforce a robust headhunting approach for specialist positions 

  • Utilise Spencer Ogden’s Contractor and Compliance department to assist client with navigating complex employment laws across all states across the US 

  • Handle manpower where prevailing wage environments are in operation 

  • Bespoke travel and lodging assistance 

  • PPE support


By delivering an efficient hiring strategy, Spencer Ogden provided a total of 40 qualified personnel within a series of tight time scales. Due to the large volume of successful placements, Spencer Ogden is now considered a valued hiring partner and is currently working on several long-term projects with SUEZ. 

  • Candidates contacted: 200+

  • Candidate CV’s submitted: 67

  • Candidates hired: 40

Scalable Recruitment Solutions
02 JUN 2024
Natural Resources
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