Time is Money

Like all capital investment projects, Renewable energy assets are time-critical, where a lack of manpower can directly impede or delay a project, resulting in a potential increase of overall spend. 

It is impossible for a development company to fully employ all the personnel, when the given project has a defined start and end date without a guarantee of further work. 

Spencer Ogden are a specialist agency is that is well placed to support full project teams and short-term critical teams, offering dedicated resources to ensure that the process of sourcing, recruitment and mobilisation is seamless. 


The client needed an entire asset inspections team at time critical stages of the project. In addition to this, it needed to host a QC-coordinator for the production of the High Voltage Offshore Substation. The team needed to cover assets in multiple countries meaning challenges such as candidate sourcing, mobilisation, payroll and tax compliancy were a regular occurance.


  • Recruitment sourcing and vetting of highly skilled inspections experts 

  • Employment contracts compliant with European regional variations 

  • Payroll finance in-country compliances for social securities and taxes 

  • In country support for accommodation and transport 

  • Streamlined process within a framework agreement 

  • Interviews arranged within Spencer Ogden facilities


Spencer Ogden provided a service that ensured our client had a team of highly qualified external consultants representing their company on site. Our team successfully sourced the ideal personnel across a number of fabrication yards within a tight time-scale, and also arranged mobilisation while ensuring each contractor was compliantly set up in-country.

  • Candidates contacted: 900+

  • Candidates shortlist screened: 403

  • Candidate CV’s submitted: 134

  • Candidates interviewed: 84

  • Candidates offered: 42

  • Candidates hired: 36

Time is Money
Spencer Ogden
02 JUN 2024
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