North America Solar Projects

North America Solar Projects

2017 -2022

Spencer Ogden was commissioned by this client, a solar project developer, who were rapidly winning projects and undertaking the new construction of solar sites that exceeded the bandwidth of their internal workforce at the time. During this period, there was a significant shortage of Project Associates, Assistant Project Managers, and QAQC professionals with experience in the Community Solar Space.


The client was seeking a renewables focused staffing partner that had the capability to assist them with sourcing candidates to keep up with the staffing demand led by their fluctuating and heavy project load. In addition, the client desired a method to grow a long-term workforce that could be evaluated in real-time while remaining flexible in costs and overheads.

At this juncture, the client was collaborating with their internal recruiters, referrals, and a few general staffing agencies to help fill the gaps. The Executive Director of Operations and Project Managers required a tailored solution to solve personnel demands.


The client needed a reliable contractor candidate pool to choose from, an efficient interviewing and onboarding process, and a contract-to-hire option at the end of the assignment. During that contract period, the candidates would be on the W2 of Spencer Ogden where all the cost of the employee would fall on Spencer Ogden (burdens, insurance, benefits, and payroll). Not only would this allow for real-life talent evaluation, but it allowed the client to minimize costs during this time.

The Spencer Ogden Northeast Renewables team leveraged their extensive regional network and industry expertise to address all of these issues. This included sourcing and preliminary screening, guiding all candidates through the interview process all the way to offer, full mobilization guidance, and a devoted account management team including all back office necessities.


Spencer Ogden has provided technical and on-site talent experience in a number of solar projects to client sites across the US. This influx of qualified labor force has allowed the client to complete their current project load, embark on new solar projects, and even expand into new markets. As a result of this success, this client and Spencer Ogden continue collaborating to keep up with the demand to this day.

North America Solar Projects
02 JUN 2024
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