​At the beginning of 2019, Spencer Ogden Singapore held a couch session, giving the team a chance to take part in an open question forum.

We learnt from the session that we wanted to continue to do more work towards being an environmentally friendly organisation.  

Ocean plastic pollution is at crisis levels globally, so last week Spencer Ogden Singapore organised a CSR event and partnered with Seven Clean Seas to clean up Singapore’s beaches from single use plastic and ocean rubbish.

In 2018 Seven Clean Seas started as a beach clean-up community based in Singapore, they now organise regular international beach clean ups, hold talks to help fellow ocean lovers all over the world.

It was a great day and we learnt a lot about the damages that single use plastic is doing to not only oceans but the environment and everyone is definitely going to be a lot more aware moving forward!

Have a look at what they got up to here:  


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