​Yesterday the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson spoke virtually at the United Nationals roundtable discuss on climate change and said the UK held “extraordinary potential” for wind energy. 

The UK currently holds presidency of the UN climate conference, known as the COP. However due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual gathering has been postponed until November 2021. 

The Prime Minister sa​id that the ​"UK will lead from the front and had an ambitious plan for the upcoming meeting. The UK will ensure to keep the environment on the global agenda, but the responsibility lies with all countries to show similar ambition so that the world can drive forward action. With particular mention of the recent pledge by China, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060."

Mr. Johnson reminded the attendees of his government’s pledge to “build back greener” after the current global pandemic, through creating a green industrial revolution and delivering thousands of new jobs in the process. 

Renewables currently accounts for nearly a third of UK power, with half of that being generated from wind energy. The UK has large gusts of wind going around the north of the country (Scotland) and the county should be taking advantage of the potential we have for wind. 

The Prime Minister said that the UK could the next “Saudi Arabia of wind power”, paying tribute to the country’s advance potential for the technology. The UK should follow suit and take advantage of new technologies to achieve its target of net zero emissions by 2050.  

Mr. Johnson wants the UK to lead in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, where greenhouse gas emissions are taken from sources such as power stations and stored underground. As well, as the country, investing in renewable hydrogen fuel technology. 

Additionally, along with many other countries across the world, the UK government are also thinking of bringing forward the deadline for phasing out new petrol and diesel cars to support and accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles (EVs).