Glasgow Pace Day Team

Last week, our Glasgow team enjoyed a much-needed day away from the office to celebrate Spencer Ogden’s annual PACE day.

Every year, each office around the world celebrates PACE day in their own way. PACE is an acronym which stands for our corporate values here at Spencer Ogden; People, Accountability, Collaboration and Excellence. These are the values we strive to embody every day and it is these values that have guided us to become the award-winning market leading business that we are today.

PACE day is an opportunity for each office to take a break from work, connect with colleagues, enjoy team-building activities, and celebrate their success together.

This year, our Glasgow team was the first office to celebrate, embarking on a brisk hike up Conic Hill in Scotland, notorious for its fantastic views over Lock Lomond. They were joined by none other than our CEO, Bradley Lewington! After the excursion, the team enjoyed a tasty lunch at a nearby pub.

Recruitment Consultant, Melissa Wilson commented:

"Moving to Scotland very recently and not having seen much outside of Glasgow, PACE day was an amazing chance to get to know the whole team outside of the office and take in some of the scenery! A toast at the top, to celebrate our success thus far was cut short by the gale force winds. I now know why the renewable industry is booming in Scotland. PACE day is also a celebration of our corporate values here at Spencer Ogden which our team strives to live by every day." 

Learn more about our PACE values here

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