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In 2021, Spencer Ogden partnered up with ClimatePartner, who have a vision of a world where climate action is embedded into corporate activity and work with businesses to help make this a reality. 

ClimatePartner help their customers calculate and reduce carbon emissions and offset unabated emissions. The emissions they help businesses offset are then geared towards the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations – something which Spencer Ogden feels very passionate about. 

Since partnering with ClimatePartner, Spencer Ogden has successfully offset 468,000 kg of CO2 and has achieved carbon-neutrality. As a pioneering recruitment company operating in the renewables sector, Spencer Ogden is committed to creating careers to power a sustainable future and therefore, by reaching carbon neutrality, Spencer Ogden hopes that they can help influence their clients and other businesses operating in this industry to do the same and work together to build a more sustainable future. 

The 468,000 kg of CO2 Spencer Ogden have successfully offset has gone towards supporting three projects in partnership with ClimatePartner:

Carbon offset + Biochar project 

For every tonnes of CO2 Spencer Ogden offset, 10kg of biochar is produced and used in Thailand, which contributes to climate action 

Afforestation Project Guanarein Uruguay

Which aims to convert degraded grassland into a productive forest so that used soils can regenerate.

Solar Project

Works towards generating sustainable energy in the Indian states of Maharastra, Orissa, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh which are certified by the Gold Standard and feeds around 349,000 MWh of electricity annually into the Indian grid.

This is not a one-off commitment; Spencer Ogden is actively working towards Net Zero by 2030 and continue to work towards reducing their carbon footprint on an annual basis. Find out more about our Corporate Responsibility here. 

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